Santorini island

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Things to know about Santorini

The island of unique beauty

Santorini is an island like no other! You will notice the unique landscapes, crafted by nature, the whitewashed houses, made by the people of the island as you fly or sail to the island. The volcanic eruption of 1.600 BC created the caldera of Santorini, a nature’s miracle! Palia and Nea Kameni, Thirasia and Aspronisi are the islands that consist the Santorini archipelago.

The beautiful island of Santorini has a rich past that dates back to the prehistoric era. Before the devastating volcanic eruption of 1600 BC, a highly sophisticated civilization flourished at Akrotiri, with advanced architecture, art and culture that presumably inspired the myth of Atlantis, and to this day, many believe this is the exact location that Plato so vividly described. After the eruption, Santorini was mostly abandoned until the 9th century BC when Spartans built Thera on the top of Mesa Vouno, and Santorini was once again a prosperous island with significant naval and commercial power.

During the Medieval and the Ottoman periods, Santorini changed many hands, from the Romans to Venetian, Ottoman and Russian, and the fortified Kastelia of Skaros, Pyrgos, Oia, Emporio and Akrotiri are a testament of daily living at those times. Beautiful churches, monasteries and chapels around Santorini from different eras of its past are also a big part of the island’s history, and together with archaeological excavations and the colourful culture of the island give us today a chance to look back to the past with awe.


The Best of Sightseeing

Santorini is an island that you have to discover and here are all the places you must visit. Start from strolls at the caldera whereas at Fira, the capital of Santorini you will also enjoy the best vistas to the volcano as well as shopping and delicious delights. Then head to Firostefani and Imerovigli to enjoy even more the beauty of the caldera. The village of Oia now is must visit for the distinctive architecture with the cave houses and the captains’ mansions that create an amazing atmosphere at the cliffs of the caldera.

As for history lovers, head to the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera at Fira and Ancient Thera at Kamari. In Santorini, there are plenty of Museums and private foundations where you can explore the history of Santorini and the people of Spitia Santorini will be happy to assist you with further information.

If you wish to discover more places around the island, then do not miss the Kasteli of Emporio, the Lighthouse of Akrotiri, the beautiful village of Pyrgos, the evocative Vothonas and more. For recommendations or reservations to any place you wish to visit in Santorini, the people of Spitia Santorini will be at your disposal to arrange all the details!  



The Must- live Activities

The activities you have to look for in Santorini include first and foremost a sailing experience. At Spitia Santorini, we have our own yacht and we can organize a tailor-made sailing experience for you to discover the coastal beauties of the island. Visit the volcano, the nearby islands, swim at beaches accessible only by boat and live moments that you will never forget.

Then, let us arrange the details for a wine tasting experience for you to enjoy the volcanic taste of local wines or a culinary tour to the finest restaurants of Santorini. Hiking is yet another unique activity in Santorini as you can walk from Oia to Fira through the caldera cliffs. An organized tour to the best of sightseeing is also a great idea to discover more about this unique island. There are also fishing tours, water sports activities, diving, horse riding, cooking classes and more thrills that will elevate your stay to the maximum! You only have to ask the Spitia Santorini Concierge to take care of all the details!


Oia Village

Oia Village is located on the north end of Santorini, and it is undeniably the most beautiful and popular village on the island, if not all-around Greece. Perched on the top of the caldera of Oia, with enchanting whitewashed cave houses and captains’ mansions seemingly hanging from the rocks above the sea, Oia offers spectacular scenery that instantly draws the eye and captures the visitors’ hearts.


Discover Oia Santorini