Santorini Sailing Cruises

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An amazing sailing experience just for our guests!


Santorini is a destination with so much more to offer than meets the eye, and most of it is strongly connected to the sea! The magnificent caldera, the volcano with its therapeutic hot springs, hidden beaches in coves unreachable by land and gorgeous islets are just some of Santorini’s coastal gems waiting for you to explore!

Spitia Santorini works with the best sailing providers on the island to offer luxury sailing experiences exclusively to our guests, who can embark on exciting cruises around Santorini to admire the immense beauty of the island’s coasts, the volcanoes and neighbouring islets. Gain a different perspective of Santorini on board our sailing boat and enjoy delightful cruises from morning till sunset time!

Get on board and set sail to the shimmering blue sea!